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GPC Ltd is a premier and trusted paving company in the South Coast. We are experts in planning, consulting and performing large scale paving projects that not only enhance the environment but ensure sustainability in even the most complex commercial landscaping and groundwork projects, construction and development.. 

This is a relevantly new concept which can be installed quickly on a variety of different surfaces. Again a variety of different stones can be used to create the right look for the surroundings.

Every type of paving from simple driveline to the more traditional Tegula and many more – contact us to discuss your exact requirements, budget or desired finish.

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If you would like to enquire about one of our services listed or another service, you can use our online contact form. We aim to reply within 3-4 working days. Alternatively you can call us on 02392 263435

Our teams specialise in the following areas for Commercial & Industrial customers:

Stonework, Paving & Slabs

Design assistance
(if required)

Ironworks & street furniture

Kerbs & Channels

Stonework, Paving & Slabs

All our contractors have vast knowledge & experience in delivering multifaceted paving projects across shopping centres, housing projects, car parks and other large surface areas in the United Kingdom. 

We know how to operate with the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise, whilst keeping within our clients budget.

There is such a wide variety of paving solutions available to suit every different type of project. The necessary budget is something which we can discuss on a site visit with our qualified project manager.

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